Jean-Paul Aghetti is the new President of Exeltium

Paris, October 1st, 2020

Jean-Paul Aghetti is the new President of Exeltium

Jean-Paul Aghetti has been appointed as the new President of Exeltium as of the 1st of October of 2020. He has replaced Jean-Pierre Roncato.

Jean-Pierre Roncato: “I leave Exeltium at the end of September after eight exciting years. Exeltium’s structure has shown its relevance and resilience in defending the long-term competitiveness of the electro-intensive industry.”

Prior to coming to Exeltium, Jean-Paul Aghetti has worked during 31 years at the energy department of Pechiney/Alcan/Rio Tinto and then Aluminum Dunkerque. He will thus be able to bring to Exeltium his solid experience in the electro-intensive industry sector. He has also been commissioner at the Energy Regulatory Commission between February 2007 and January 2011. Jean-Paul Aghetti wishes to make Exeltium grow further by benefitting from the changing energy framework.

Jean-Paul Aghetti: “Exeltium has shown its capacity to manage a complex contract with 27 shareholders-clients and almost 100 industrial plants. Thanks to this experience, it is a natural actor for contracting long term PPAs. We will explore new structures like renewable PPAs in France and/or abroad.”

Jean-Pierre Roncato has been Exeltium’s president from 2012 to 2020. During his mandate, he was instrumental in significantly improving Exeltium’s price competitiveness and robustness, thanks to the EUR 1.435 billion senior debt refinancing in 2015. Before Jean-Pierre Roncato’s presidency, Laurent Chabannes designed the contract in compliance with competition law and managed to raise the initial financing.