Industrial clients

Exeltium shareholder-clients are “Electro-Intensive” industrial companies according to the French law. Overall, one hundred industrial sites are supplied in France. All shareholder-clients are bound to Exeltium by a take-or-pay contract, as the one between EDF and Exeltium. They represent the main groups established in France in sectors highly sensitive to electricity prices such as steel, aluminum, chemicals, industrial gases and paper.



A nation wide industrial presence

One hundred industrial sites are supplied by Exeltium in 18 French regions. 60 000 jobs, including 28 000 direct ones are affected by this project of electricity supply security.


The producer: EDF

EDF operates its nuclear power fleet in France since the 1970’s. With 58 reactors,  it has the second largest national fleet on a global basis (after the United States). This nuclear power capacity enables EDF to offer long term contracts at relatively stable price levels and for very large amounts of energy.

The 58 reactors provide 78% of electricity production in France with a very competitive cost structure compared to other existing means of production: coal, gas and subsidized means such as wind and solar.

With plants aged 28 years, designed to run 40 years, and with a view to extending life to 60 years, nuclear technology in France is the best suited to meet the need for industrial supply at a competitive and stable cost in the long term.

Exeltium therefore supports the extension of the existing nuclear plants and the competitive advantage it could give to the industry energy supplies, provided that an energy policy is set up in favor of industrials.

Banks and Caisse des Dépôts

Exeltium negotiated a financing with a syndicate of 10 banks. In a difficult financial climate, it took four years to complete the transaction.

“Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” brought in a tranche of subordinated debt.

The team

Jean-Paul Aghetti, President

Pierre Maymard, Financial and Operations Director

Gaël Dias–Omonte, Operations and Financial Manager

Léonard Thereze, Operations Manager

Hubert Furno, Operations Manager